The use of telehealth to provide services to students at schools: practical, efficient, and cost-effective.

The School-based Telehealth Center of Excellence is dedicated to providing the most current, vetted, practical information for starting or enhancing School-based Telehealth related services. These resources are intended to provide you with the most current information to help you get started. They are not comprehensive in the historical sense but represent the best of the current School-based Telehealth resources available.

New to School-based Telehealth? We recommend starting with the  Overview.

State Policies for School-based Telehealth
It is fairly simple to establish a policy to only accept patients/clients in states where the provider is licensed and refer to other online providers. Some providers elect to become licensed in a few states to expand their reach or in order to serve a consistent referral source.
HIPAA Compliance and Security for School-based Telehealth
HIPAA compliance and security are primary concerns when providing school-based telehealth services.
Technology and Software for School-based Telehealth
If you are new to telemental health or school-based telehealth, selecting the software and hardware technology can be daunting. Often providers get deep into selecting vendors too quickly because they want to identify cost/profit up front.
Training Information for School-based Telehealth
The term “School-based Telehealth” broadly describes the professional treatment of mental and behavioral health conditions at a distance through technology...